Dear ——————————————- Oil Corporation (———- ),
————— Division.

This Limited Services Agreement is entered into between —————————————————– Corporation (———), and Sami Ali Hassan Alawad They agree as follows,

Thank you for retaining our law firm to represent your company regarding to return back a debts of $2,150,506 from several debtors . The ethics rules governing lawyers encourage lawyers to explain to a client, in writing, both the financial aspects of the attorney-client relationship, and the responsibilities and expectations of both parties to the relationship. Please examine this agreement carefully and let our firm know immediately if you have any questions or concerns. No work will be performed on your matter and no attorney client relationship is established until you have both signed and returned this agreement, along with the advance payment.

1. Who will work on your matter. I’m Sami Ali Hassan Alawad (Chief lawyer of Hommat Alhaq Law Firm ) will be the attorney responsible for your matter. For efficiency purposes, I may delegate my work to other lawyers from my firm or another cooperative lawyers with my firm for legal assistants.

2. Fee, Costs & Billing statements. The fee for representing you in this matter will be 2 % of any sums of Any lawsuit case shall be paid in advance , and the amount of 10% from any sums recovered from any debtors [ after the costs of prosecuting the matter are deducted ].

In representing you, we may incur out of pocket costs for items such as copies of needed documents, long distance telephone charges and court reporter fees. These amounts are separate and different than the fee discussed above. [An advance payment of costs in the amount of $25000 is required.] [You will receive a monthly bill detailing the work that was performed on your matter and the costs incurred. These monthly bills will be applied against the retainer.] or [ Remittance is expected within 15 days of receiving the bill.] [The out of pocket costs will be deducted from the amount recovered through settlement, litigation or otherwise. The fee discussed above will be calculated after the out of pocket costs are deducted from the total recovery.]

Sometimes it is advantageous to your matter for you to retain an expert witness. An expert witness will be retained only after discussing with you why it would be helpful to your matter and what the cost will be. We will forward invoices from expert witnesses directly to you for payment. Failure to pay the expert witness will result in the expert’s refusal to perform any work on your matter and may severely prejudice the success of your matter.

3. What you expect from us. The firm will work diligently on your matter and will keep you informed regarding the progress of your matter. We will send you copies of all correspondence sent on your behalf, copies of all pleadings and other documents filed on your behalf and copies of all documents received from opposing/interested parties.

We cannot guarantee the outcome of your matter. We will advise you of the recommended technical and legal tactical issues as they arise so that you may continue to evaluate whether and how you wish to continue the legal representation. However, lawyers are subject to independent ethical obligations and a lawyer is not obligated to pursue objectives or employ means simply because you may wish that the lawyer do so, especially if the lawyer would be violating another duty by pursuing the requested action.

Generally, the information you give to our firm is subject to the attorney-client privilege,
you should expect to be treated with respect and courtesy from all members of the firm and you should promptly inform us of any failure on our part to meet this expectation.

4. What we expect from your company . In order for a lawyer-client relationship to work effectively, you must be truthful in all discussions with us, even if, and especially when, you think the information is hurtful to you and your case. In order to help you, we need to have all information in a timely manner. If we are missing part of the picture, we cannot effectively represent you.

Another important aspect of a successful lawyer client relationship is that you pay the attorney fees which mentioned above.
We expect that you will treat with respect and courtesy all members of the firm.

5. Files and Records. All of your original client materials will be returned to you, or you will have an opportunity to retrieve your original client materials, immediately upon the conclusion of the representation. If you do not pick up your original client materials within 12 months of receiving the notice that they are available, they may be destroyed without further notice to you.
6. Discontinuing the Representation/Withdrawing from the Representation. You have the right to discontinue the services of the firm at any time. However, in a litigation matter, your desire to obtain a new attorney is subject to court approval. The court may not grant the substitution of counsel or agree to delay the proceeding to provide you time to obtain a new attorney.

If your retainer has been exhausted at the time of the discontinuance, you will not receive a refund of the retainer.

The firm reserves the right to withdraw from this representation if you do not pay invoices on a timely basis or there has been a breakdown of the attorney-client relationship.

Termination of services does not affect your responsibility to pay for the legal services rendered and the costs incurred up to the date of termination.

7. Court awarded fees. If the court should order payment of attorneys’ fees by a third party, the court awarded fees will first be applied to any outstanding bill for fees you have with the firm.

We appreciate the opportunity to be your representative in this important matter and we look forward to working with your company . A self-addressed, stamped envelope is enclosed for your convenience in returning this signed Retainer agreement.

8. The down payment and the bills should be paid in the account of
Sami Ali Hassan Alawad , Jordan , Jordan Islamic bank – Aidon branch account number 74401

9 . This agreement consists from 9 terms in 4 pages, the two parties read it carefully then they sign.

Sami Ali Hassan Alawad September 27th 2009

———————————————– Corporation (—————————- ), ______________________
Client Date

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