attorney at law in middle east

Attorney at law or attorney-at-law, usually abbreviated in everyday speech to attorney, is the preferred term for a practising lawyer in certain jurisdictions, including South Africa (for certain lawyers), Sri Lanka, and the United States. In Canada, it is used only in Quebec. The term has its roots in the verb to attorn, meaning to transfer one’s rights and obligations to another.



plural attorneys-at-law

Definition of attorney-at-law 

a practitioner in a court of law who is legally qualified to prosecute and defend actions in such court on the retainer of clients

Synonyms for attorney-at-law


advocate, attorney, counsel, counselor (or counsellor), counselor-at-law, lawyer,legal eagle

Attorney vs. Lawyer Definition

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The terms attorney and lawyer are often used interchangeably in the United States. There is very little distinction made between the two. This difficulty to differentiate is a result of the fact that in the United States, unlike in other countries, this distinction is not made. However, a slight one does exist.

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