Rules and Procedures for a Foreign Company in Jordan
A foreign company in Jordan is an unincorporated or incorporated company which has been formed under another country’s laws. A foreign company does not have to comply with a lot of formalities when desiring to operate in Jordan, though.

A foreign company need only be registered with the Registrar General when it is actually operating under the Companies Act 1992 or is already acting as a trading or operational branch of its principal office. A company is considered to be operating under the laws of the Jordan when it is already keeping its own place of business and is holding its own license to operate its business or to sell securities locally.

If yours is a foreign company and you want to operate in Jordan, you need to comply with certain legal requirements before you start to operate. First of all, you need to register. You need to submit an approved form stating facts about your company and its incorporation, including the name of the company, the date of incorporation, extent of liability of its shareholders, the purpose of incorporation in Jordan, principal office address, and other pertinent facts about the company’s incorporation, registration and operation.

This statement should be accompanied by the verification of at least one company director of the veracity of the statements written in the form. You must also submit a power of attorney and certified copy of the incorporation documents. including your by-laws and statutes as well as the list of the names of your directors and officers.