Communication and Media Department in Jordan sicurities comission

Communication and Media Department

The Communication and Media Department is in charge of preparing plans and programs to raise investor awareness, consolidate a culture of investment in the securities market, organize conferences and meetings on the local, Arab, and international levels to create awareness of the work of the Commission and capital market institutions and prepare the necessary booklets, oversee the reception of applicants, visitors, and guests of the Commission, receive and record complaints and suggestions to be dealt with by the departments concerned, organizing annual and periodic press conferences, organizing media interviews, providing journalists with press releases and other information as needed and organizing lectures and seminars for the economic media.

Services provided by the Communication and Media Department:

•Receiving complaints:
1.Complaints are received and recorded by the employee in charge.
2.Complaints are received in person or by mail, fax, e-mail, or telephone.
3.Complaints are referred to the Complaints Committee, which deals with them in cooperation with the relevant departments at the Commission.
4.All complaints are dealt with in complete secrecy. An investigation is conducted on the outcome of the complaint in a period not exceeding three weeks after receiving it.
Documents needed to provide the service:

1.The special forms available from the Customer Service Office.
2.A photocopy of the Civil Status Department identity card of the person with the complaint.
3.The documents on which the plaintiff bases his/her argument.
•Financial statements and annual reports:
1.The Department makes financial statements and annual reports of companies listed on the Amman Stock Exchange available to investors at the Customer Service Office.
2.Investors can access these statements either electronically or in hard copy at the Customer Service Office.
3.The Customer Service Office is the depository of these statements and reports that are available for all investors and interested parties.
Documents needed to provide the service:
– A photocopy of the Civil Status Department identity card or any proof of identity.

•Applications for employment:
1.Applications for employment are received at the Customer Service Office.
2.The Customer Service Office verifies the compatibility between the applicant and the conditions listed in the application form and refers it to the Human Resources and Development Department.
Documents needed to provide the service:

1.Special application forms available at the Customer Service Office and on the Commission website.
2.Proof of identity of the applicant attached to the application form.
•Official letters and mail:
1.Official letters and incoming mail are received at the post office.
2.Official letters and incoming mail are stamped with the seal of the Commission.
Documents needed to provide the service:
– An official letter bearing an appropriate letterhead and signature.

1.Suggestions related to the Commission and the market from petitioners and interested parties are received directly from the service recipients, at the Commission’s post office box, or by fax, e-mail, hotline, or telephone.
2.Suggestions are sent to the Suggestions Committee to deal with them in cooperation with the departments concerned to review them and recommend appropriate action.
Documents needed to provide the service:
– Special forms available at the Cusomer Service Office.

•Disseminating investment culture and raising investor awareness:
1.Organizing conferences, workshops, seminars, and training courses for all dealers of the Capital Market.
2.Creating channels of communication with domestic and foreign parties, to disseminate knowledge and awareness of the National Capital Market.
•Communication with local and Arab media:
1.Coordinating with media channels and working with them to consolidate the culture of investment in the securities market.
2.Organizing interviews with the media and providing them continuously with material needed to raise investor awareness.
3.Organizing media campaigns to raise awareness among the public and interested parties in investment opportunities in the National Capital Market.
•Booklets and explanatory bulletins:
1.Prepare booklets and explanatory bulletins about how to trade in the securities market and the services provided by the Commission to all investors and traders whether issuing companies, financial services companies, or certified financial professionals.
2.Make all booklets and explanatory bulletins available at the Customer Service Office, as well as electronically on the Commission’s website.
3.Organizing campaigns to promote the activities of the Commission and create awareness about its supervisory and legislative roles in regulating the capital market and protect dealers in securities.

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