Geological Tourism in Jordan

Geological Tourism

Geological tourism is the way by which each country protects its geological features and natural landscapes and by which public appreciate the value and beauty of these geo-heritage sites without any degree in geology, but just a bit of exposure to those sites along with some knowledge.

Geological treasures in Jordan should be considered as endangered species and need preservation and who appreciates earth science knows that there are several places in Jordan that have special value perhaps for minerals or fossils or a geological story well illustrated in the site or the communities that had arose from it or for just spectacular scenery and some are one of a kind in the world.

Geological preservation means protecting these sites from being filled, covered, or bulldozed for mining, housing, industrial development, road construction or uncontrolled access or just sealed off by ignorance of their existence.

The geological tourism activities focus on protecting Jordan greatest treasures and landscapes as a tourism resource to be enjoyed by both the local and tourist alike.

Through geological tourism activities, the geological features of our country can thus have an impact on people’s understanding of scenic landscapes around them and improve their appreciation of Jordan geological spectacles through technical explanation of its formation and development.

The Natural Resources Authority (NRA) is looking forward over the coming years to go further into geological tourism through driving and walking tours, geological guidance and geological tourism publications.

Certain routes will be proposed for each trip which will spread across the main geological sites in Jordan and will cover the earth science in the story of “geology of Jordan”.

Considering the many areas in Jordan that are still untouched by human changes in many respects and spreads over different geographic zones with its significant natural resources.

These routes will include road maps, interpretive centers and road side exhibits and services where public will be keen of enough geological education.

There are many things in Jordan geology are dear and appreciable to earth scientists such as:

Unusual rock types
Records of the past preserved in the land forms
Superb varieties of fossils
Stratigraphic type sections
Areas where significant advances in geology occurred
Deposits of particular minerals.

Main objectives of geological tourism are:

Preserve geological outcrops in and around each geological site from damage or destruction.
Make these sites easily accessible and provide appropriate information about them.
Encourage educational tours for schools, tourists and public
Work together with other related organizations for sustainability and higher learning opportunities.

An earlier investigation was conducted by Eng. Mr. kamal Jerisat -an ex-director general of NRA- on geological tourism and NRA took over again this year to adapt the project and implement in the coming few years in cooperation with the concerned organizations.

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