Article 1:

These By-Laws shall be called the “By-Laws for the Amman Stock Exchange Fees, Charges and Commissions for the year 2004”. They shall enter into effect as of September 1 st 2004.

Article 2:

A. Whenever they appear in these By-Laws, the following words and expressions shall have the meanings assigned to them hereunder, unless otherwise indicated by context:

The Law : The Securities Law.
ASE : Amman Stock Exchange.
The Board : The Board of Directors of the ASE.
Member : ASE Member.

B. Those words and expressions which are not defined in these By-Laws shall have the meanings assigned to them in the Law, unless otherwise indicated by context.

Article 3:

A- Subject to provisions of the Paragraphs (b, c, d, e) of this Article, the Stock Exchange will collect an annual fee for listing the financial securities issued inside the Kingdom. This fee will be (0.0004) four per ten thousand of the face value of those securities. However, the collected fee cannot exceed JD 3000 (three thousand Jordanian Dinars).

B. The ASE shall collect an annual charge against listing bonds issued by Jordanian public share holding companies, at a rate of 0,0001 (one per ten thousand) of the nominal value of said bonds, provided that the maximum amount collected is not in excess of 1000 (one thousand) Jordan Dinars.

C. The ASE shall collect a lump annual charge of 250 (two hundred and fifty) Jordan Dinars per issue, in return for listing bonds issued by the government, public institutions or municipalities.

D. The Stock Exchange will collect a lump sum for each issue for listing the Treasury Bills issued by the Government, official public institutions, or municipalities. This lump sum will be JD 250 (two hundred fifty Jordanian Dinars).

E. The Stock Exchange shall not collect an annual fee for listing shares of companies whose listing is suspended during its optional or mandatory liquidation (companies under liquidation).

F. When collecting the listing fee as stipulated in Paragraphs (a and b) of this Article, the date of listing will be observed so that the fee collected will be in correlation with the remaining period of time till the end of the year.

Article 4:

In return for listing non-Jordanian securities, the ASE shall collect a charge equivalent to that fixed for securities under these By-Laws.

Article 5:

A. Subject to sub-paragraph B of this Article, the ASE shall collect, in return for trading in securities, a commission of 0,0005 (five per ten thousand) of the market value of traded securities from each contracting party.

B. In return for trading in bonds, the ASE shall collect a commission of 0,0001 (one per ten thousand) of the market value of traded bonds from each contracting party..

Article 6:

A. The ASE shall collect a membership fee of 200,000 (two hundred thousand) Jordan Dinars, once only, from the company that is licensed to perform financial brokerage.

B. The ASE shall collect an annual subscription of 500 (five hundred) Jordan Dinars per Member.

Article 7:

The ASE may collect service fees against services rendered to third parties, whether the services are direct or in the form of prints, images, audios or photocopies of statements or of data. Such fees shall be determined by a decision of the Board, upon the recommendation of the CEO.

Article 8:

The Board shall issue the necessary decisions to enforce the provisions of these By-Laws.

Article 9:

The By-Laws for the Amman Stock Exchange/Securities Market Fees and Commissions for the year 1999 shall be repealed.

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