Issued by virtue of the provisions of Article 24/b (3 &4) of the ASE By-Laws of 2004

Article 1:

These Instructions shall be called the “Amman Stock Exchange Disclosure Directives for the year 2004”. They shall enter into effect as of September 1 st 2004.

Article 2:

1.Whenever they appear in these Instructions, the following words and expressions shall have the meanings assigned to them hereunder, unless otherwise indicated by context:
Amman Stock Exchange.

The Board
The Board of Directors of the ASE.

The Chief Executive Officer of the ASE.

ASE Member.

1.Those words and expressions which are not defined in these Instructions shall have the meanings assigned to them in the ASE By-Laws. Article 3:

A.The ASE must disclose the following information:-
1.Names of issuers of securities listed on the ASE.
2.Names of issuers of securities suspended from trading.
3.Names and addresses of Members.
4.Names of Members suspended from practice.
5.Names of financial professionals certified to practice as brokers at the ASE.
6.Names of financial professionals suspended from practicing as brokers at the ASE.
7.Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statements that include trading per company, sector movement in terms of number of traded shares, volume of trading, number of contracts, indices, and main financial indicators.
8.Financial statements of Members.
B.The ASE must immediately disclose information and data that it receives, which influence the price of securities and trading.
C.The public may have access to and copy information and data referred to in sub-paragraphs A & B of this Article.
D.Disclosure takes place through ASE bulletins, circulation to Members or announcement in the means deemed appropriate by the ASE.
Article 4:

A.The following information, data and records shall be deemed confidential and can only be accessed by the CEO and relevant ASE employees:-
1.Information and data that the ASE employees access when they enter in the Trading System.
2.Information related to the names of dealers in securities, the volume of their trading and any information pertaining to their dealings.
3.Information related to the names of owners of securities and their volume of ownership, subject to the provisions of the Disclosure Instructions in force that are passed by the Jordan Securities Commission.
4.Information that the ASE obtains through inspection, investigation or dispute settlement.
5.Information supplied by government organs, the Jordan Securities Commission, and the Securities Depository Centre and that are considered confidential by virtue of their nature.
6.Board deliberations.
B.The Board shall be entitled to have access to information as needed to perform its duties, which are those cited in sub-paragraphs (1-6) of A of this Article.
C.The Board has the discretion in certain cases to lift the confidentiality from any information, data or record referred to in sub-paragraph A of this Article.
D.The ASE may disclose breaches committed by Members and connected persons with the penalties imposed on them.
Article 5:

A.The Board members, the CEO, the ASE employees, the external legal consultant to the ASE and the ASE auditor shall be prohibited from disclosing any information or data that are deemed confidential under Article 4 of these Instructions, subject to legal liability.
B.It shall be prohibited for the representative Board member to convey information deemed confidential according to these Instructions to the company that he/she represents.
Article 6:

The ASE may supply other exchanges and institutions connected to the securities market with information and data requested by them, and may cooperate with them to publish said information and data.

Article 7:

The Amman Stock Exchange/Securities Market Instructions for Disclosure issued by virtue of the provisions of Article 26 of the Securities Law No. 23 of the year 1997 shall be repealed.

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