Trade mark law firm

What To Consider Before creating Trade Mark

When creating a new brand, businesses and entrepreneurs should keep in mind the following points:

  • – Misuse (infringement) of the IP of others can be damaging and costly, because the injured party may refuge to the court asking compensation.
  • – Consider the IP issues before embarking on overseas selling or PR activity.
  • – IP rights are geographically territorial, you need to check that a right is available for use not only in Jordan but also in all territories in which you want to do business.
  • Ownership of rights can be used when looking at the commercial value of a company.
  • Protecting IP enables companies to safely access new markets through licensing, franchising, entering joint ventures or other contractual arrangements (including overseas manufacturing, marketing and distribution) with other companies.
  • Your trade mark could be one of your business’ most enduring assets. They can provide you with long-term competitive advantage and appreciate over time. A trade mark can be used to leverage additional commercial backing, driving potential growth and product diversification.

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