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Suspect arrested in credit card fraud scheme

by Rana Husseini | Mar 04, 2012 | 22:45 Updated: Mar 04, 2012 | 22:45

AMMAN — Police on Sunday announced the arrest of an auto shop employee who reportedly copied a customer’s credit card and used it.

The suspect, who was not identified by officials, reportedly copied the customer’s credit card details using a special machine and transferred its information to a fake credit card which he used to spend JD6,000, according to officials.

The customer received a call from his bank notifying him that he owed JD6,000 on his credit card, and upon checking the bill discovered that he had been defrauded, Public Security Department (PSD) Spokesperson Lt. Col. Mohammad Khatib told The Jordan Times.

Following an intense investigation, he added, investigators concluded that an employee at the auto shop, where the man had recently taken his car to be fixed, was the prime suspect.

“Upon summoning the man, he reportedly confessed to copying several credit cards that belonged to customers who had their cars fixed at the garage where he worked,” Khatib said.

Investigators also found 300 fake credit cards and a special machine for copying credit cards at the suspect’s home.

The PSD spokesperson urged citizens to exercise caution when using their credit cards and make sure that they can see their cards swiped in front of them when they make purchases.

“We experienced similar cases before wherein the perpetrators of such crimes would take the customer’s credit card to another room or a different location to copy it on a special machine and then return it to the customer,” Khatib said.

He said shoppers must object to such practices immediately and make sure that they see their cards swiped in front of them in designated credit card machines.

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