Jordan- Health ministry files lawsuit against two assailants

Health ministry files lawsuit against two assailants

By Khetam Malkawi

AMMAN – The Ministry of Health on Monday filed a lawsuit against two citizens who reportedly assaulted two physicians at Al Hussein Public Hospital in Salt a day earlier.

Minister of Health Abdul Latif Wreikat told The Jordan Times that he asked the attorney general to take the required legal measures against the two suspects, “even if the doctors decide to drop charges”.

“We want to put an end to such behaviour, and even if the doctors drop the charges, the ministry will continue with the legal procedures,” the minister explained, adding that “this is the first time in the history of the ministry it is filing such a lawsuit”.

He noted that the suspects are currently in custody and “if convicted they will be imprisoned for one to three years in accordance with the law”.

The attack is the most recent of a dozen such attacks this year. Last week, a doctor at Al Bashir Hospital was assaulted and as well as another at the Jafer Health Centre.

Following these attacks, the Jordan Medical Association (JMA) issued a statement threatening to escalate measures if nothing is done to stop the “phenomenon”.

Despite several attempts by The Jordan Times to call the JMA president, he was not available for comment.

However, in a former statement he said: “Adopting these measures and resorting to the law will help reduce the number of assault cases.”

According to JMA figures, 38 cases of physical assaults against doctors were recorded in 2010, compared to 26 in 2009, 43 in 2008 and 40 in 2007.

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