Jordan times – Int’l team to probe Dahabi case – lawyer

Int’l team to probe Dahabi case – lawyer

AMMAN — A team of international financial experts will conduct its own investigation into charges of money laundering levelled against former intelligence chief Lt. Gen. Mohammad Dahabi, a British lawyer said on Thursday.

“After the financial team complete its work, a press conference will be held to announce the results of the private investigation” UK-based lawyer Simon Stafford-Michael noted at a press conference organised by Dahabi’s defence team.

Dahabi, who headed the General Intelligence Department between 2005 and 2008, was detained earlier this year pending investigation into charges of money laundering, embezzlement and exploitation of public office.

On Monday, President of the Amman Court of First Instance Judge Ahmad Jamalieh turned down the 12th bail request submitted by his defence team.

But Mahmoud Kilani, one of his lawyers, said the defence team had looked into the investigation file and found no sufficient evidence to convict Dahabi.

During Thursday’s press conference, Stafford-Michael said that Dahabi’s lawyers had briefed him on the case and that he had agreed that the evidence was not enough to build a court case against the former official.

He declined to comment on the case itself, saying that he would assist in his capacity as an expert in money laundering investigations.

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