vista.- Dental association warns against insurance scam

Dental association warns against insurance scam

Khetam Malkawi ,

Public urged not to buy cheap policies from door-to-door salesmen

AMMAN — The Jordan Dental Association (JDA) has warned citizens against buying dental insurance cards from door-to-door salesmen, saying the companies selling these cards are carrying out a scam.

JDA President Azem Qaddoumi said on Saturday that although these firms are registered with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, “they are shell companies and their main goal is to collect money from people”.

He explained that they send salesmen to houses and companies to offer people impossibly cheap insurance policies. “They sell a card for JD10, convincing people that it provides them with annual dental insurance with a network of professional dentists,” Qaddoumi noted, adding that the dentists affiliated with these companies are either unlicensed or not Jordanian and not allowed to practise in the Kingdom.

“Last year, we closed around 45 dental clinics affiliated with these networks,” Qaddoumi said, noting that in addition to not being licensed, these clinics do not sterilise their tools and equipment.

According to JDA president, the association has asked the Ministry of Industry and Trade to shut down nine companies selling fraudulent insurance policies, but “there has been no action yet”.

The JDA has distributed some 25,000 pamphlets warning the public against these scams, he added.

Companies Comptroller Bassam Talhouni said the ministry held a meeting with all concerned parties regarding this issue, including representatives of the JDA and the Ministry of Health, and found out that “these companies are violating laws”.

“We referred the cases of these companies to the Insurance Regulatory Commission (IRC) to take the required action,” he explained.

IRC spokesperson Ghadeer Barrishi declined to comment yesterday, as she was out of her office for the weekend.

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