A person admitted to practice law in at least one jurisdiction and authorized to perform criminal and civil legal functions on behalf of clients. These functions include providing legal counsel, drafting legal documents, and representing clients before courts, administrative agencies, and other tribunals.


Unless a contrary meaning is plainly indicated this term is synonymous with “attorney at law,””lawyer,” or “counselor at law.”


Care about lawyer  communicate effectively

Is it possible to communicate with a lawyer? As I said earlier, the case may last for months or maybe years, and as the owner of the case you must remain concerned about your case, and you wish at all times to know what is new, so it is imperative that the lawyer who maintains effective and lasting communication with his client will be better than Who does not communicate, and communication is intended to respond to questions and inquiries, whether by personal visit, phone, e-mail, regular or otherwise, there are some lawyers who are not fluent in the matter of effective communication with their clients for several reasons, for example, it may be permanent preoccupation or the fact that the lawyer is very famous. For example, he would be evaded to shorten his work towards his client and a guy Here reasons, so For a successful lawyer to be a permanent communication with his clients, and be transparent, honest with his clients and tell them everything related to the case go.

Who will follow my case

Is the lawyer the one who will follow up on the case himself, or one of his assistants ? This is a very important question, because if you hire a lawyer, you may have paid a lot because you trust him personally, but you do not trust others. It is better to agree with the lawyer, starting with who will follow up on your case, is it personally if your case is important and does the lawyer have a special consideration for you? Or is it that you have no objection to having one of his assistants attend, and the importance of this question is that the difference in fees may be significant between your insistence to appoint him personally or the acceptance of one of his assistants.

Seventh: the power of a lawyer in law

Should the lawyer be influential or related to influential people? Relying to a lawyer only because he was a minister or because he is the son of a minister or the brother of a judge or other reasons often makes the cost of the case higher without reaping any benefit from that, the fact that the lawyer relying on his influence or the influence of those around him without skill in the law often disappoint his clients And a curse on them is not a blessing, because the law is always the separation between the opponents, and resorting to mediation and the exploitation of influence may be a killer of the case and may lose it by this reason, it is not alone in the courts and his father is not the greatest of the world, there are many of them are the most important And greater than him, and God Almighty is above them all, and the advice is that the lawyer who says that I’m so and so, or so and so is Qrapti fail lawyers in the reality of the courts and reality always proves that.

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