An advocate, counsel, oliicial agent employed in preparing, managing, and trying cases in the courts. An officer in a court of justice, who is employed by a party in a cause to manage the same lor him. In English law. An attorney at law was a public officer belonging to the superior courts of common law at Westminster, who conducted legal proceedings on behalf of others, called his clients, by whom he was retained; he answered to the solicitor in the courts of chancery, and the proctor of the admiralty, ecclesiastical, probate, and divorce courts. An attorney was almost invariably also a solicitor.

What is ATTORNEY AT LAW? definition of ATTORNEY AT LAW (Black’s Law Dictionary)

Experienced lawyer

Is experience necessary for a lawyer? In fact, experience is a very important issue, and the word experience is not always meant by the number of years a lawyer has worked. You may find a lawyer who has worked for twenty years, but only twenty cases have worked, while we find the last ten years of work and have been involved in thousands of cases, so it means The number and type of cases that he worked with, and not only the number, but also the type and difficulty of cases, are intended to give more experience and deeper knowledge of the issues.

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