How to prepare for the first meeting with Jordanian Lawyer ?

How to make  the first interview with Lawyer in Jordan ?

Once you choose a lawyer – one you are comfortable with and whose advice you value – carefully prepare for your first interview with the lawyer.

You can still change lawyers after the first interview – or at any time – if you’re not happy with the lawyer.

1. Collect and organize all you supported evidences

You have to give the lawyer a clear vision of your problem .

Make notes of all the facts of your case, in an organized way – usually chronologically (by date). Gather and organize all the documents on your case.

2. Ask lots of questions

Use the first interview to get as much information as you can. Even if you got the lawyer’s name through Lawyer Referral Service, there is no guarantee that this lawyer is right for you. Ask questions, such as:

Does your lawyer have experience in your type of problem?

How long will your case normally take?

What steps will solve your problem and how much time will each step likely take , in details ?

How much you have to pay ?

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