Dear ——,

 Welcome to Jordan, I wish you good journey and safe arrival. For papers required please, remember that the courts in Jordan only accept original papers. So, you should bring all original papers and documents not photocopies.

 The original papers required are as follows:

1 – Death certificate as an evidence of your father death.

2 – Birth certificates for all your family members.

3 – A certificate proves that your mother’s religion is Christianity duly-issued from any entity whatsoever.

4 – Family book (if any) it is a book that contains information on the family members: husband, wife and children issued by a competent government body specialized in civil registry.

5 – General power of attorney certified by the Jordanian Embassy or Consulate granted by your adult sister who is older than 18 years old. It should be attached by a legal translation from Arabic into English that is applicable in Jordan.

 There are two ways to make a general power of attorney:

  A – You can directly make it in the Jordanian embassy as it is the fastest way, once you have completed the procedures at the embassy, all procedures shall legally be finished and the power of attorney will be prepared for use in Jordan. In addition, it is rather preferable to contact the embassy in advance to enquire for legal possible procedures and any documentation necessary to directly make the general power of attorney at the embassy.

Or   B – You can also make it at a local notary public. In this case, you must authenticate it by U.S. Justice Department and U.S. State Department and then the Jordanian Consulate in your state.

In both cases you must take with you the power of attorney that I have sent to you on USB or CD and save it as soft copy.

As I have told you earlier that we need maximum five working days excluding Friday and Saturday which is a weekend in Jordan.

You are welcome.

للاطلاع على نموذج وكالة عامة مترجمة بواسطة محامي اردني اضغط الرابط أدناه

وكالة عامة مترجمة الى الانجليزية بواسطة محامي اردني

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