Bellow the answers of your questions :
1) Does the $——— cover the cost of investigation of divorce documents, AS WELL AS the process to get me divorced if necessary?
no it is only for the investigation and issuing the certificate of divorce if your ex husband was divorced you , but if not the fees will change depending on the kind of divorce which you will choose.
2) If I am divorced and you provide the documentation, do you refund me the remainder of the funds?
if you were divorced I  will issue the divorce certificates , this is my task in the amount of ———$ .
3) What is the time frame for this to be completed, assuming that I need to complete the entire divorce process?
If you divorced it will end within ————, if not it depend on the kind of the divorce .
4) What do you require from me, other than the POA, to complete the divorce process, again assuming there is no documentation that he divorced me?
only the POA .
5) Will you provide all documentation in Arabic WITH a certified English translation?
Sure I will send for you all the documents in a  certified English translation.
the following is for the kinds of divorce in Jordan and the cost for every kind:
”  A woman may seek judicial divorce under Islamic sharia if her husband delegated his wife to do so (tafweed eltalaq). This kind of divorce must be provided in the marriage contract; it implies that the husband gives his wife the authority to divorce herself under certain specified conditions. The wife may also seek Khul’a divorce, whereby she relinquishes her right to the mahr or to any financial compensation; a divorce may be obtained by mutual consent of both parties. It should be noted that any kind of divorce initiated by women has to be done through the judiciary. Under the rules of Islamic sharia, the wife may seek judicial divorce if the husband disappeared for a long period of time, or if he neglects his wife by not providing her with maintenance, or if he has been sentenced to jail for a long period of time, or if he was impotent at the time of marriage and continued to be so after the marriage, or if the husband has been insane for a period of time or is suffering from leprosy or a virulent disease.”
The time frame:
 The judicial  divorce case  needs a time from 6-18 months ,  the Khula case its need 2 months maximum., The mutual consent if the husband agree will end within two weeks .
The cost for every  kind : 
  The judicial  divorce cases cost ———–$ ,  the Khula case its cost ———– $ , The mutual consent ————— $ .

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