Dear Messrs ——————–

– ,

Again, Thank  you for your  trust and the confidence with our law firm. we, as a law firm, as soon as we find ourselves building trustful relationships with our local and international  clients.  We sincerely serve them better by reviewing their case very carefully. Anyway , nothing can stop our case as long as it is supported with evidences and legal arguments.

By reviewing the files you sent we find  that your company is a victim of fraud crime committed by ——————————  and his company , we see that he use forgery ways to commit the fraud crime by making amendment on the LC , and he  seeks to capture on the goods by his brother .
According to our point of view we see that Mr. —————— still insist to keep the goods to himself  by making  an  virtual case between himself and  his brother ——————- ) the aim from the case to make seize on the goods to prevent you to return the shipment back .

Please know that we have different ways to solve such a case:

The first way,  Making a criminal case against Mr. ———- ————,  his company,   indeed  this case demands your presence in Jordan to make the Complaint in a police station and to make a testimony  at the public prosecution. however, you may need to stay  a period of time but not more than a three work days  and that is to complete all the procedures; starting from the police report in the police station to the prosecutor .

The second way;  Making a civil case against them. This will not need your presence in Jordan because I can make all the procedures on your behalf.

The third way : Intervene in the case which the goods has been seized because of it , to return the shipment back to India ,   this way may take time and results are not guaranteed

If you ask me which way I would prefer, I would say: the criminal way is better because, in Jordan, if the  prosecutor find enough evidences, he will issues an arrest warrant against Mr. ————————,  which will strengthen our position in court. This is because this may force him  to solve the problem quickly. On the contrary of that is the civil case where it  needs longer time that ranges from  —————- months to take a final decision, while he is feeling  comfortable within this period of time.

Our legal advice: We advise your company to make fraud crime before Amman prosecutor against Mr. ——————–,  and his company. We can claim all the damages caused  for your company.

The documents which we need : Please be a devised that, at the beginning,  we will need copies of all the papers and documents related to the subject matter of your case.

However (original) papers and documents will be required and must be presented before the judge. So please have them ready and handy before you get to Jordan .

So far, these papers must include the following:

1·                   Cargo or shipping documents,

2·                   inspection documents,

3·                   Bill of lading

4·                   Your company registration certificate , which shows that you are the representative behalf it.

5·                   the contract between your company  Mr. ———————,  company

  1. keep with you the Airplane tickets and Hotel accommodation documents to be included in you compensation.

6·                   and any other thing related.

I will make sure of the completion of all of your paperwork and I will let you know if we are missing any required documents

Regarding our office fees : all our fees will be ——– $ this shall be paid in two payments  as the following:

  • ——— $ in advance at the time we start with any paper work for the case
  • ——— $ at the end of the case;  after  we win  or succeed  in  collecting your money back.
  • The above fees shall include all our attorney fees and expenses and all court fees.

Note : the above fees not include the procedures of making invitation letter or Visa to Jordan , If the representative person haven’t a Visa to Jordan or he needs invitation letter from our law firm , your company shall pay in advance  ———— $ for each person to issue a Visas to Jordan.

Finally if you decide to come to Jordan I prefer to send for me a copy from all your case documents to make a legal translation for it from a certified translator  to be acceptable to the courts.

Awaiting your reply

 Best regards

Attorney Sami

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Fraud case against Jordan company LC , International trade, exportation crime , Jordanian Attorney Advice

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