Dear Mr. ——–

Thank you for contact me , at the beginning the  certified Judgment was not attached in your e mail so please resend it again .

Regarding your consultation, Firstly I confirm my willing to start cooperation with you and I am ready to enforce the Judgment   in Jordan,

 The cost will be  as follows:


  • ( i) ————– £  Court Fees to be paid to the court , this amount of fees shall return to you at the end of the case, the defendant shall pay  it  .

–     ( ii)  —————- £  attorney fees divided as follows:

 a –  The amount of ———————- £ to be paid before the preparation of any documents relating to the case.

 b-   The amount of ——————- £ to be paid  when you send the documents  ,   with the same time you have to  send  court  fees as  mentioned above.

c-  The amount of ——————- £ worth in the event if I  win  the case and collect  the full amount of your claim .

Note: The amount of attorney fees in the Jordan law does not charged to  the loose party  of   the case , its only paid by the client to his advocate ,

So that the net total which will return to you will be as follow:

Claim amount  + court fees – Attorney fees

Documents required:

  • ( i) –   certified copy of the judgment  certified  from the embassy or consulate of Jordan.
  • (ii) –  Power of attorney I  will send  the form in the event if you agreed in the above conditions ,  and I will explain how to make  it.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to call me

Best regards

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enforcement of foreign judgement in Jordan – legal consultation by Jordan lawyer

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