Jordan attracts dozens of trademarks — Murad

Petra – Jan 13,2016 – Last updated at Jan 13,2016

The Jordan Times

AMMAN — The local market is open to all commercial and economic activities, with the recent past years witnessing the entry of dozens of trademarks in many sectors, Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC) President Issa Murad said Tuesday.

“The local market also attracts a wide variety of economic activities thanks to the political and security stability of the Kingdom amidst an unstable region,” Murad added, noting that the government has recently granted many sectors additional incentives to achieve greater economic benefits.

He also expressed ACC’s keenness to boost the participation of new trademarks and to support their activities, while some agents attract international trademarks without considering customers’ trends, quality and work locations.

Consumers have wide options due to the availability of many alternatives, especially in the retail sector, Murad said, highlighting that markets’ nature, consumers’ tastes and consumption trends affect the market activity under high competitiveness controlled by the supply and demand. 

He also explained that differences between agents and international companies can be seen as reasons making companies leave the Kingdom, as was circulated in the case where some trademarks left Amman.

In this regard, the ACC president noted that these companies did not leave due to government procedures rather than for rectifying their status, highlighting that what left the market is only one company owning many international clothes trademarks for reasons related to high prices of some products.

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