Jordan – Stealing Banks ATM

Two youths arrested and attempted to steal ATM

18-02-2018 11:10 AM

Ammon – Criminal investigation cadres have been able to uncover the circumstances of the attempted theft of ATMs belonging to a bank in the capital by copying customer information and the arrest of two people and a girl of foreign nationality.

In details, a security source said that the information received by the Criminal Investigation Department a few days ago about the unknown planning and tampering with the ATMs belonging to a bank and the installation of data copying devices have been seized one of those duplicators installed on one of the exchanges in the central Amman and was immediately formed a team Investigation of the criminal investigation department of the capital to follow up the investigations and find out all the circumstances and the details associated with them and to identify the suspects and arrest them.

The source said that through preliminary investigations, the investigation team was able to determine the method followed by these people by installing data burners and small cameras on the ATMs to copy customer data and photograph their secret numbers and then return to withdraw funds from the account copied, Foreigners enter the country to that end. Similar cases have been discovered in the years preceding these cases. Those involved were arrested and the team pursued investigations and information gathering to identify and arrest those individuals before leaving the country.

The source added that the investigations carried out by the team responsible for the investigation and after collecting information and technical and intelligence tracking of those persons were able to identify the identity of two persons and a girl of foreign nationality, where the location of two of them was arrested in one of the apartments in the capital and seized with 11 ATM cards Two electronic devices, photocopiers, ATMs, electronic towing cards, electronic parts, adhesive metal and plastic materials used in the installation of autographs in addition to a number of small cameras used in the process of stealing ATMs.

Following the search for the third partner, it was found that he had gone to the airport to leave the Kingdom and coordinated with the criminal investigation groups operating at Queen Alia International Airport and managed to catch him before his departure and the investigations began with the three involved. The case will be transferred to the Money Crimes Department, Issues in preparation for the referral of all those involved, seizures and investigative papers to the judiciary.

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