Free legal advice

 Free legal advice

 Phone legal advice is important in ensuring that you have a just conclusion regardless of the field of law in which you are looking for a solution.  Most people fail to seek legal advice because of the fear of paying high fees in return for advice, but this should not be the case.  Free legal advice means that you can get legal advice from a trusted attorney without having to pay for it.  The attorney will hear and answer all your questions and determine whether or not you have a case.

Why you should consult with an attorney

 Because the attorney will guide you with legal procedures and principles. However, before requesting any free legal advice on the phone, make sure that you are dealing with a qualified attorney to provide advice with expertise in the specialty and previous experience on the subject you want to inquire about it.

The importance of free advice

  The importance of advice through a phone call with an attorney lies in that the attorney will determine if you need an attorney or not, as some things may be behind the tasks to be performed by attorneys.

  So one of the major benefits of getting free legal advice is that you will be able to decide whether or not you have a case to present to the court. An experienced attorney can understand your legal position and will honestly tell you whether it is better to follow the case or not. It will also help you find out if there are certain aspects of the case that you didn’t know it was a problem.

What is free legal advice

   Asking about a specific subject or a simple problem that you may face does not usually require much time from the attorney and does not require a specialized attorney, and this is considered free advice and is answered by phone or email, as this is done within a short period that does not require extreme effort or fatigue from the attorney.

Some advice is charged:

  • Legal advice writing: The written advice is an oral opinion provided by the attorney/ legal advisor, upon the request of his client because of his client’s need for that or to present it to another party in the agreement/contract. It also clarifies the legal summary on the subject without clarifying the justifications which he aqdopted in his summary. The term legal advice is sometimes called all the legal memos that contain the legal opinion, and it also means the legal summary included in that memo.
  • Also, the contract formation is not free advice, and all attorneys receive an allowance for writing and formation of contracts.
  • Specialized advice:  Some specialties which are rare make the attorney request fees in return for his advice
  • The advice that requires a personal meeting with an attorney often requires fees that are previously determined with the client.

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