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Employment contract Form

Employment Contract

First Party: ————————————, represented By Messer’s



Second Party: ——————————————–

Introduction: As the first party owning a Company for Apparel industries, and as the Second Party is a ———– Citizen with an experience in running and administrating those kinds of companies, and working in the company since / /2005 to date. Moreover, as considering her previous experience and achievements with the company, within the consent and desire of both parties they agreed on extending the Duration of this Contract According to the following Conditions:

1- The Introduction of this Contract is an essential unit of it, and must be read as one unity with it.

2- The second Party will continue her work as a general manger for the Factory and she is required to pursue her Job in all effort and dedication. She is required also to attract contracts and deals for the sake of her employer in addition to her original Job of running the Factory as much as she can.

3- The Second Party will be paid for his Job as follows:

A – ——————— US Dollars as a basic monthly payment

B – ————————% of the net Profit.

4- The Duration of this Contract is 12 months, renewable upon the desire and agreement of both parties. If the second Party continued his job after the end of this contract without canceling , it will be considered an implicit consent from the both parties to renew the contract on the same conditions.

5- The first Party will guarantee the Stay(residence in Jordan) of the second Party in the whole time of this contract plus two months after the end of it, withdraw the residence guarantee before that will cause the first party to compensate the second Party.

6- The second party is not responsible for any debits on the company that previous to this contract . her rate will be calculated from the beginning of her work without entering the previous debits.

7- The second Party will has the right to manage and administrator the factory through Guiding, supervising, recruiting, dismissing, or penalizing the workers , or rewarding them.

8-The first Party is committed to provide the minimum level of financial requirements for the factory as Salaries, Expanses, Water and electricity expanses, Feeding workers, Maintenance, and such things needed for good administration.

9-The first Party is committed to grant the second party the right to sign contracts and conduct commercial deals, and imposing the second’s party signature on the Factory’s account in order not to withdraw accounts without her sign in addition to administrative authorize personnel.

10: Both Parties have the right to review the company’s records and its real balance personally or through of An expert accountant.

11: The Proof of paying the second party cant be established unless by a written receipt or direct depositing in her Account .

12: The first party must do the procedures in Banks and in the companies registration Department to enable this contract, and to enable the second party from carrying his Duties out.

13: This contract will come into an end by the approval and agreement of both parties, or the end of the contract period but should send a notice by the notary public within a period not less than 15 days before the end of the contract period.

14: Any misact of this contract or eliminating it before the mentioned agreement will result a fine of 10,000 USD, as a penalty pay to the other party.

15: Any conflict with regard to this contract will be judged by the ———- law, ——- courts will be the competent of solving it.

*The conditions of this contract consisted of 15 Items and an introduction and a ( ) original copies each one of two pages. They were read in front of the parties, after understanding them they listed their signatures on / / 2005

Party One: Part Two:



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