Retainer Agreement

First Party :        Homat Al Haq Law Firm – Jordan represented by attorney Sami Alawad , having his address for correspondence at :

Second Party :   —————————- B.V represented by Mr. —————————-  , having his address for correspondence  at :————————

WHEREAS the first party is a law practitioner and WHEREAS the second  Party intends to appoint him with respect to :  filling a cheque  case complaint , along with claiming  the personal  equity and caliming for the amount of 498,285.90 Euro compensation for material and moral damages , that impaired the reputation of the plaintiff company , lost profit , consequential loss , travel and accommodation compensation  and damages resulting from crime committed by each —————————- and —————————-.

NOW THEREFORE, the parties hereto have agreed on the following :

1 – the preamble of this contract constitutes an integral part hereof and shall be read together with it as a whole unit .

2 – the second party shall pay all the fees and expenses necessary for the complaint .

3 – the second party shall pay an attorney fees at —————————- % of the value of the claimed  amount to be paid in to payments as follows  :

  1. —————————- % to be paid in advance immediately upon initiating any action related to complaint
  2. —————————- % to be paid in case of winning the case and collecting the claimed amounts .
  3. A and B should be paid by bank transaction to the account of —————————-  , Account number —————————-  , —————————-  , —————————- branch , the swift code is —————————-.

4 – In case of reconciliation between the second party and any of the defendants with respect to the said case , the first party shall be entitled to all its agreed upon fees including the deferred  part.

5 – The second party shall present any evidence , documentation or papers requested  by the first party  for the purpose for which he is retained when possible .

6 – Electronic correspondence  shall be deemed as communication in writing with respect  to all matters related to this agreement  provided to be made via the above indicated email address .

7 – the first party shall not make any settlement or reconciliation for an amount less than the claimed with the defendants but after advising the second party  and procuring the approval thereof on the same .

This agreement has been executed and read to the second party who fully understand and agree on the content hereof , accordingly the agreement has signed on march , 13/2012

First party                                                                                     second party



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