Law Research and Studies:

Our Firm has provided a lot of  legal studies to private and government agencies by a specialized team in legal sciences using the most accurate scientific methods. Our company is also honored to examine and formulate laws for any country or entity in various legal areas.

In respect of this field, the Firm has overseen the revision of Jordanian Labor Law and proposing amendments in cooperation with Al Quds Center for Political Studies under the supervision of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and with the participation of many governmental and private sectors.

The Firm also submitted legal views and studies to the Ministry of Labor (Yemen) regarding the collective labor disputes between the Masila Labor Union, working in Oil and Canadian Nixen Petroleum companies.

The Firm has also overseen the publication of numerous legal studies and research in multiple areas.

What is Legal research?

Legal research  in general is the process of finding an answer to a legal issue . it is normally specialized legal research by legal researcher ,  Sometimes, legal research can help determine whether a legal issue is a “case of first impression” that is unregulated or lacks legal precedent. Virtually every lawsuit, appeal, criminal case, and legal process in general requires some amount of legal research.

What is Legal case study?

A system of instruction or study of law focused upon the analysis of court opinions rather than lectures and textbooks; it is very common in US ; in Jordan we are the only law office which conduct the legal studies . 

Training new lawyers

As for Training and preparation area,

The Firm is responsible for training and preparing competent lawyers in all areas and jurisdictions.

Advocacy is the profession of nobility, one of the noblest messages, and it needs desire and passion because it is a critical profession, requiring the trainee to be ready and having the motivation to succeed besides aspirations and ambitions.

Jordan Amman  Law Firm provides training services for newly graduated lawyers, teaching them the origins of the legal profession, its traditions, and customs, and improving the behavior and performance of the vocational and personal trainees.

Through a selection of experienced professors in all branches and sections of the law, allowing the trainee to choose the specialization he/ she wishes to learn whether in criminal, civil, commercial, legal area or otherwise.

Through training at the Firm, the trained lawyer’s experience is being enriched by exposing him/ her to plenty of legal experiences, connecting to reality, and observing what behind-the-scenes through dealing with the courts and how to draft written or oral procedures.

The company also enables the trainees to attend investigations, read the case file, solving judicial documents and advertisements, manage the lawsuit, understand law articles, and the court decisions related to them. The trainee learns with practice the best way to deal with different customer and individuals.

The lawyers in the company of Jordan Amman  Law Firm, do not pervert the constants or conceal the facts.

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