Online legal advice

What is Online legal advice

  Online legal advice means legal advice that is raised and answered directly through an electronic means of communication, and often takes place in one of the media platforms such as Chat Apps. There are hundreds of apps used in conversations through social media platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp. In our company, we use all these platforms to respond to clients’ inquiries online with no need for the client to come to the office, especially if his inquiry is simple and easy.

The importance of online legal advice

 The importance of online legal advice lies in several aspects. The most important of which is that it is very fast as often online responses are answered directly, so the client does not wait much to get them. On the other hand, it does not require going and moving to the attorney`s office since the attorney can answer the client through any chat app or a text message. In addition, most of the legal advice raised online is free of charge, as it does not require time or effort.

Advantages of legal advice

  One of the benefits of obtaining online legal advice is the speed, as you may be going through an emergency and you need to know a quick answer on a specific subject such as knowing the consequences of signing a bounced check or knowing which is better for you in terms of ensuring your rights to take a check or a bill of exchange or others from the debtor. One of its advantages is that it is inexpensive and often free. Moreover, the client will have an initial opinion about his case so that he would have an idea of how things will become.

Who is the online legal advisor, or online attorney?

 He is the attorney who answers clients’ questions and inquiries through one of the media platforms. In Jordan, an online attorney must be an attorney authorized by the Bar Association and may not be unauthorized. If a person responds to the online advice of the client as an online attorney without being an authorized attorney and a member of the Jordan Bar Association, then he might be subject to prosecution and punishment, which may reach six months.

Disadvantages of online advice

 The only disadvantage of online advice is that the attorney may be unspecialized sometimes and might be inexperienced. Among the disadvantages, the attorney cannot spend all his time hearing the clients and the details of their cases. Thus, online legal advice is very important regarding assessing the attorney and knowing his experience.

Limits of online advice

 Online legal advice is often determined by a certain period, not more than a few minutes, for a single specific topic, and within a reasonable set of questions. An online attorney cannot leave the door open to questions because it is too stressful, time-consuming, and affects others’ times. The free online legal advice is often determined by three questions on one topic and no more than three minutes.

How to get online Legal advice from lawyer in Jordan?

 You can get free online legal advice from a professional attorney by contacting us by one of the following methods:

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