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What is Jordanian lawyer

Jordanian Lawyer website belongs to The Homat Alhaq Law Firm (HALF), registered in the name of Attorney Sami Al-Aawad & associates law firm, which is a specialized law firm, consisting of thirteen specialized attorneys, full-time to work within the law firm who have long experience in the legal profession, in addition to assistant attorneys, associates, and part time attorneys. They are eighteen attorneys, in addition to cooperative agreements with law firms in a group of Arab countries, and the law firm is well known locally and internationally.

The Jordanian attorney Sami Al-Awad

 Attorney Sami studied law at the University of Jordan in 1995 and later joined the legal profession. He was granted the master’s degree in intellectual property rights and electronic commerce and is currently preparing for a doctorate in law. At the beginning of 2004, he managed the office of the International Cooperative Legal Union in Jordan with an elite of arab and foreign attorneys. He took on a wide range of important international and domestic issues and was appointed as a legal consultant for many multinational companies inside and outside Jordan.

Mr. Alawad has a long and successful career in law, expertise on international privet disputes law , business law, company law,  and intellectual property law. He is active and holds a number of central positions in the legal community, He started his own practice in 2001 with“ United legal Firm  “ along with local and foreign  lawyers .

 Mr. Alawad worked as  a  Legal Advisor and Legal Attorney for Hashemite Fund for Human Development ,Also he was a  Legal consultant for several companies and several establishments all over Jordan such as ALRAQYA company , The  Arab Company For Medical Claims ( ACMC),and  Aljunaidy Group ( Contractors)  , he worked for few foreign companies like London Middle East Newspaper, and Saudi company for press and researches, he also was  engaged in a Lot Of important local and international suit Cases with a deep  Experience In Law and consultations. At the present  he is the founder partner in Homat Alhaq Law Firm ( HALF) an international specialized law firm with its headquarter  located  in Amman Jordan.

Jordan Law Firm Management

 Attorney Sami Al-Awad manages and supervises the Attorney Jordan website in cooperation with a legal team to study lawsuits and provide legal answers. The Attorney Jordan website is characterized by high reliability and credibility in providing answers, as the law firm is based on a set of principles, the most important of which are providing legal responses and providing legal consultancy with credibility and guiding advice towards reaching friendly settlements.

Best Jordanian lawyers

 Sami Al-Awad & associates law firm, the Attorney Jordan law firm, which owns the Attorney Jordan website, includes an elite of Jordanian attorneys who hold doctoral and master’s degrees for most of the partners and the legal team, and the office is managed by Attorney Sami Al-Awad, who has great experience in managing international law firms. The law firm also includes the attorney Jamal Al-Khatatba, attorney Dr. Omar Shehadeh, and a team of holders of Master`s degrees, each according to his specialty.

The Jordan Attorney law firm on the external front

 Jordanian Attorney Sami Al-Awad has worked on the external front as a legal advisor for the largest global press and publishing houses. He took on the functions of consulting and legal representation at the level of Middle Eastern countries. Moreover, he took charge of a group of regular and arbitration lawsuits that were filed in the interest of Arab companies and individuals in Western countries, such as America, Canada, Britain, Australia, China, Cyprus, Hong Kong, and other countries as well as a group of Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the Emirates and Oman, Kuwait, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya. Due to his distinguished professional achievements, he obtained a set of recommendations from Arab and foreign references.

The Jordan Attorney law firm at the domestic level.

 As for the Jordan Attorney law firm at the domestic level, Attorney Sami has a high legal status, as he worked as a consultant for the Jordanian Hashemite Fund. He was also a legal adviser to many foreign and local companies and he is a consultant to Daewoo Engineering and Construction Company, which is one of the largest contracting companies in the world, as well as an Attorney for Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, and an advisor to a group of Local and foreign organizations, including the Union Muslims Relief (UMR), Mayadeen Medical Organization, Tamdeen Organization and other organizations and associations.

Jordan Attorney, Sami Al-Awad, is an attorney who specializes in electronic commerce and Cybercrime, and he is a legal lecturer in many legal courses and he is an accredited international arbitrator, and a remote lecturer with more than one Arab university, including King Saud University and the Qassim University in Saudi Arabia, and attorney Sami Al-Awad is currently a partner director at the Homat Alhaq Law Firm, which is an international specialized law firm, composed of a group of specialized attorneys that have achieved excellent reputation and success and its main headquarters is the city of Amman, Jordan.

About Jordan Amman  Law Firm

The Alawad  Law Firm,  located in Amman Jordan , provides a broad range of legal services to individual and business clients throughout Jordan and  Arab Gulf countries Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and  Oman. the firm provides a full range of legal services. The firm founded by Attorney Sami Alawad

 Books and literature of the attorney Sami Al-Awad

The Jordanian attorney Sami Al-Awad has a collection of books and publications, the most important of which are:

A book in English in 205 pages on how to establish financial corporates, a study of the Jordanian model, and a book on Jordanian laws related to financial markets in English.

Research papers and publications for the attorney Sami Al-Awad & associates law firm

 Research on anti-dumping and support, as well as research on famous brands as well as research on the protection of works in Jordanian law, in addition to research on the responsibility of the affiliate and he does a research paper on financial intermediation in English, in addition to many articles and scientific and press publications.

The memberships of the Jordanian attorney Sami Al-Awad

A Member of the Attorneys International Islamic Organization affiliated with the Muslim World League in Mecca.

A volunteer member of Amnesty International.

A member of Asian Institute of Alternative Dispute Resolution (AIADR).

Part-time remote lecturer at King Saud University College of Law.

Lecturer at a course for employees of the Saudi Ministry of Commerce on competition and anti-dumping.

Jordan Lawyer

Work in the legal profession regulates the law of the Jordanian Bar Association, and one of the most important things that imposes the Syndicate Law on the Jordanian lawyer is that he be independent of himself from others, and independence is not only by lack of dependence on others, but also that the lawyer should be independent even from his client, for example that it does not A lawyer may slip into litigation and become an opponent of his client’s opponent.

One aspect of independence is that the fees that he collects from his client must not be exaggerated. The lawyer’s courage lies in reconciling the performance of his duty with his salvation from the dilemma of the situation, and siding with one party at the expense of another, according to a bribe, a reward, or a promise of a position or the like. Also, courage appears in the face of an opponent who may be influential in society.

In order for the lawyer to be able to practice the legal profession in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a name must be registered in the register of attorneys for professors with the Bar Association. To this end, those who wish to do so must provide and complete a set of requirements, the first of which is:

Trainee Lawyer in Jordan

Anyone who wishes to register a name in the register of attorneys must submit a written request to the Bar Council requesting that his name be registered in the trainee attorneys register attached to the documents proving that: –

1- He must be of Jordanian nationality.

2- He must be twenty one Gregorian years of age.

3- That he is not convicted of a felony, a misdemeanor, or a conviction by a disciplinary authority as a result of an offense that violates honor and morality.

4- He must be a resident of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

5- Have at least a first university degree in law from a university or institute recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education

How to join the Bar Association in Jordan

1- Submit a written summons to the union

2- A copy of the university certificate and a copy of the transcript (certified by the Ministry of Higher Education only for graduates of Jordanian universities), (As for graduates of non-Jordanian universities, it must be certified by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Justice and Foreign Affairs).


Foreign certificates must bring a certified translation, as well as bring an equivalent to the certificate (certified by the Ministry of Higher Education). Holders of a doctor’s degree / members of the teaching staff at Jordanian universities are allowed to register in the register of trained lawyers, provided the following:

Bring a PhD.

• Bring an appointment letter to the university and he is a faculty member.

• Bring the annual lectures program.

3. A valid non-sentencing certificate (recent date).

4. A book, with the approval of a lawyer for a professor of training, who has a printed, signed and concealed publication titled Library.

5. A valid passport + a copy of the family book + a copy of the birth certificate + a copy of the civil ID + five personal photos.

6. Bring proof of disengagement from any other profession if he works for any governmental or private entity.

7. Bring a book issued by the Civil Service Bureau.

8. Bring a book issued by the Social Security Corporation. Disclosure of the insured information in case there is an insurance number according to this book

9. Bring letter issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade

1- The Commercial Register

2- Company Controller.

10. Bring an ID of health insurance benefit from the beneficiary from it in case of not wanting to participate in health insurance with the union and a copy of it.

11. The applicant must be present in person to submit the application.

12. Registration fees (450) dinars to be paid immediately after the issuance of the council’s decision to approve the application for membership.

13. Submission of registration requests twice in the first year during the month of February and considered during the month of March, the second during the month of August and considered during the month of September.

14. No request received by the Syndicate will be accepted after the date of 2/28 and 8/31 of each round.

How to obtain a phone number for a Jordanian lawyer’s office

Sometimes you may need a lawyer to answer a specific question or want to use it to draft a contract, so you look for a way to get a Jordanian lawyer number, and you may go to search for a certain lawyer you know but you forgot his number or lost his number due to changing your phone or something similar, and The best way to find a Jordanian lawyer number, you know his name, is to visit the website of the Jordanian Bar Association and search for the Bar Association’s guide at the following link:

Lawyer of Jordan,

one trained and licensed to prepare, manage, and either prosecute or defend a court action as an agent for another and who also gives advice on legal matters that may or may not require court action.

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