Intellectual property legal services

 The firm provides services related to intellectual property through a team of attorneys specialized in this field, who have experience in advice on trademarks, patents, industrial models, integrated circuits, geographical indications, plant varieties, copyrights and Related Rights and trade and industrial secrets, in addition to registering these rights, and take over disputes that may arise from infringement.

The firm, by its attorneys, has published many research and studies in a range of intellectual property rights fields.

What is the intellectual property?

Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind, Intellectual property is a broad categorical description for the set of intangible assets , Intellectual property is something that you create using your mind – for example, a story, an invention, an artistic work, or a symbol. including inventions, literary and artistic works, but also images, and designs. There are two distinct categories of IP: copyright, which includes literary and artistic works and industrial property, which includes inventions protected by patents, trademarks, industrial designs, and geographical indications.

The intellectual property

Islam treated all human beings as equals in humanity, so it has also made intellectual production the standard of differentiation between humans, as per the Almighty saying: “Are those who know equal to those who do not know?”

Intellectual property rights have immense importance; as it is considered the cornerstone of economic development, agricultural, industrial, and commercial development, as it leads to progress, growth, and change, and leads to the revitalization of the search movement, which drives progress, prosperity, and development, and contributes to redressing grievances on human beings through the carriage of justice of their owners. It also helps to social advancement. It results in political independence and freedom from the technological control of developed western countries.

Experience in intellectual property cases and procedures

Attorneys for Homat Alhaq Law Firm (HALF) with expertise in the field of intellectual property rights offers you to facilitate the registering your intellectual rights procedures in the official competent government authorities based on your priority in the right because protecting your intellectual property by registering it provides you with a legal basis to protect your ideas from theft.

The firm attorneys provide intellectual property transfer contract services, a contract used to transfer intellectual property rights from one party to the other to ensure the rights of both parties and regulate the contractual relationship between them.

Infringement cases on the intellectual property

Our specialized attorneys also protect your intellectual property rights, whether you are a copywriter by filing a lawsuit to protect copyright and prevent infringement and lawsuits either as a penal or for claiming compensation. It is possible to file a penal and compensation lawsuit in the same case. In addition, it may be an infringement case on a trademark such as imitating your trademark or your company logo, as well as protecting patents and industrial designs, if it is infringed or violated, either by negotiation or filing lawsuits.

Intellectual property cases include a lawsuit to prevent unfair competition, such as using methods that involve deceiving the customer to influence him competitively or using underhanded methods in the field of trade to attract customers, which deprives the honest merchant of obtaining fair opportunities from the market.

Intellectual property laws are considered one of the strongest pillars of cultural, scientific, and economic development, as it works to link the results of scientific and academic research in Jordan with the global development movement in the field of science and technology, as well as protecting rights holders from innovators and creators. Therefore, we find the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has legislated many laws to protect intellectual property rights, including the Copyright Act of 1992, which was amended by Law No. 14 of 1998, as well as the Trademarks Law No. 33 of 1952, the Law of Invention Concessions and Fees No. 22 of 1953, and the Law Registration of trade names No. 30 of 1953.

Intellectual property is divided into two parts:

First: Industrial and commercial property

They are the rights that contained in patents, industrial designs, trade names, and trademarks such as letters, numbers, symbols, drawings, pictures, seals, inscriptions, cards, colors, shapes, etc. They are the rights that guarantee the manufacturer or the merchant to protect the essential elements in his business or industrial facilities.

Several international conventions were concluded to protect this right, the most famous of which was the Paris Convention for the protection of industrial property in 1883, with its amendments, the most recent of which was the Stockholm Conference in 1967.

And the second: Copyright and the related rights

They are the individuals` rights of their ideas and creativity in the fields of science, arts, and literature, such as books, music, sculptures, paintings, cinematic works, and technology-related works such as computer programs and electronic databases, also referred to as moral rights.

Several Arab and international agreements have been concluded to protect this right, including the Berne Copyright Convention as formulated in Brussels1948, and the copyright protection Conventions announced in Paris in 1971.

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