Our Team Members

Our Team Members

Below is the list of attorneys working for the Rights Protectors Law Firm  in Jordan

1- Attorney Sami Alawad:

A managing partner with 19 years of experience holding a master’s degree in intellectual property laws from the University of Jordan, an expert in negotiations and proficient in reaching amicable Settlements, a specialized in local and international associations, firms, organizations and agencies, a legal expert in Cybercrimes, an accredited international arbitrator, and fluent in both Arabic and English.

2- Attorney Dr. Omar Shehadeh:

An attorney with 16 years of experience holding a PhD degree in public law, specialized in civil, compensation and labor cases, and a legal expert in labor and laborer cases.

3- Attorney Dr. Nashat Bany Hamad 

Attorney at law with 17 years of ecperience , have PhD in Public Law Cairo University- Egypt, Master of Public Law/ Administrative Law Sagesse University- Lebanon, Bachelor of Law Yarmouk University.

4- Attorney Muaiiad Al-Thunibat:

 Attorney with 8 years of experience holding a bachelor’s degree in law and a master’s degree in Business Administration (Human Resources department) MBA HR, specialized in registration and following up cases of the Ministry of Social Development, the associations registry and registration of brands and trademarks.

5- Attorney Abdullah Al-Zubaidi:

He is an eight-year experienced attorney with a master’s degree in law from Yarmouk University, and specialized in corporate, labor and laborer cases and financial and commercial disputes.

6- Attorney Laila Khaled:

A lawyer and paralegal with eight years of experience, a graduate from Yarmouk University, the honor board for the years 2010/2011 and 2011/2012, specializing in following up procedures before ministries and government departments, drafting legal articles, legal research, legal studies, and legal opinion.

7- Attorney Mohamed Abdel Karim:

A Professor and attorney with 11 years of experience holding a master’s degree in Public Law and specialized in Penal law, Crimes, and penalties and fluent in both Arabic and English.

8- Attorney  Amr Almomani:

A partner attorney with 6 years of experience and specialized in criminal law.

9-Attorney Thimar Ibrahim:

She has eight years of experience, holds a bachelor’s degree from Yarmouk University with an exceptionally good grade. She is a lawyer and legal researcher.

legal researchers

10- Nesma Magdy

Legal researcher, BA in law from Menoufia University, Egypt, and MA in public law and Islamic law, legal researcher, and journalistic writer.

11- Ahmed Mansour

Legal Researcher, Bachelor’s, Higher Diploma, and master’s degree from Alexandria University in Egypt.

12- ِAmmerah Said

Legal researcher and trainee lawyer, she holds a BA from Alexandria University in 2016, a high diploma and a graduate student in Alexandria, a human rights activist, fluent in Arabic and English.

13- Mohammed Alsaeed 

Legal Researcher, Bachelor’s, Higher Diploma, and master’s degree from Alexandria University in Egypt.

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