Attorney Sami Alawad

Attorney Sami Alawad

Who is Sami Alawad

The Sami Alawad  Law Firm,  located in Amman Jordan , provides a broad range of legal services to individual and business clients throughout Jordan USA, UK, Italy,  and  Arab Gulf countries Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and  Oman. the firm provides a full range of legal services. The firm founded by Attorney Sami Alawad, the best law firm in MENA for the year 2017 and the best lawyer in Amman and Jordan .

Mr. Alawad has a long and successful career in law, expertise on international privet disputes law , business law, company law,  and intellectual property law. He is active and holds a number of central positions in the legal community, He started his own practice in 2001 with“ United legal Firm  “ along with local and foreign  lawyers .

 Mr. Alawad worked as  a  Legal Advisor and Legal Attorney for Hashemite Fund for Human Development ,Also he was a  Legal consultant for several companies and several establishments all over Jordan such as Daewoo E & C one of the biggest contractors company in the globe   , The  Arab Company For Medical Claims ( ACMC), and  Aljunaidy Group ( Contractors)  , he worked for few foreign companies like London Middle East Newspaper , and Saudi company for Press and Researches. 

In the NGOs sector he is very active member and assigned legal counselor for several foreign organizations like , United Mission for Relief and Development  an american non profit organization,  Tamdeed Youth Foundation NGO NPO , Field Medical Foundation, and another several Non profit companies.

With his team he represented over 3,500 local and international clients in more than 8,000 Suit cases all over Jordan courts therefore his team become with deep  Experience In Law and consultations every lawyer in his specialization. At the present  Alawad is the founder partner in Rights protectors Law Firm ( RPLF) an international specialized law firm with its headquarter located  in Amman Jordan.

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