Fraud lawyer in Jordan

Fraud lawyer in Jordan

In order to obtain a Jordanian criminal  lawyer’s number, who works in Fraud cases, you may find it  through the directory of the Jordanian Bar Association and a Jordanian lawyer, the word corresponds to “General practice lawyer” in English, and in Arabic the word “Jordanian lawyer” is used to refer to a person who specializes in Jordanian law, but there is no similarity in Arab laws to its counterpart in the English language. The English language finds Solicited, Lawyer, Advocate And Barrister, which are words that differ from each other in semantics and classification.

Jordanian Fraud  lawyer number

In Jordan, there are two types of lawyers in terms of jurisdiction: a Jordanian lawyer and a legal lawyer, and a legal lawyer specializes in Sharia issues that are considered by Sharia courts. A Jordanian lawyer is a lawyer who practices his work before all private and Jordanian courts, except for Sharia.
As for the Arab legal systems, it is most likely that there are no classifications except that, for example, in Egypt, a specific period must pass before the lawyer becomes qualified in the high appeal, and in Jordan, the lawyer must have spent five years after being registered as a professor lawyer so that he may plead before the Court of Justice The Supreme Court, but the word is the same, whether the lawyer is competent or not, and he has fifty years of experience.
Depends years, certificates and specialization.
• Legal supervision of commercial transactions and commercial relations of individuals and companies and the drafting of legal contracts associated with them.
• Supervising human resources management in international organizations and providing legal and administrative advice to them.

A lawyer’s mobile phone number in Jordan

It is certain that if you have a financial problem with others or have filed a lawsuit or complaint, or that a case has been brought against you by others, then you will certainly look for the mobile phone number of a lawyer in Jordan and say I need a lawyer, and a lawyer in Jordan has specific competencies and specific tasks He does it and he must do his work with honesty and sincerity.
Lawyer Sami Al-Awad is a lawyer specializing in cases of international individuals and private international disputes, as well as intellectual property cases such as patents, industrial designs and models, trademarks, copyrights, geographical indications, plant varieties and e-commerce. It is headquartered in Amman, Jordan.

The phone number of a law firm in Jordan

The law office in Jordan may consist of a single lawyer or it may consist of a group of individuals. You may search for the phone number of a law office in Jordan or search for the phone number of a Jordanian lawyer, and this requires that you know the law office you are looking for, here you only need to enter the website of a syndicate Lawyers and search by name and city and shows you the name of the lawyer and details about him.
And the lawyer in the law firm is a representative of justice on the ground.. His mission is to restore rights to their owners, support the oppressed, and stand with him until he obtains his full rights.. Being a lawyer is something that many think is easy.. Where the legal profession can be studied and practiced after taking a university degree.. But that Being a successful lawyer.. Here is the difficult thing.. Not every lawyer is a successful lawyer and excels in his profession.. Here we ask.. What are the characteristics of a successful lawyer? And how can any lawyer be successful and popular among his clients?
The lawyer must also treat the court judge and the rest of its members with respect, not withdraw from the defense without reason or at an inappropriate time, and not represent conflicting interests, preserve the secrets of his client, and not buy the disputed rights. The legal profession is one of the honorable professions that shows the truth and supports the oppressed, and it is a profession that a person who studies law and legal texts and tries to adapt facts and events to show the truth.

A lawyer’s phone number in Amman

Sometimes it may require you to search for the phone number of a lawyer in Amman, and you may need a lawyer to answer a legal inquiry or to consult with him on a specific legal issue. The conditions and qualifications of the lawyer differ, but in general, the person who defends the interests and cases of others before the courts and government departments, and to search for the phone number of a lawyer in Amman or the phone number of a Jordanian lawyer, it is easy to find the lawyer’s phone number by searching In the directory of lawyers that I put the link at the beginning of the article.

Law Firm  phone number in Jordan

Often a person searches for a lawyer’s phone number or a lawyer’s phone number for free consultation in Jordan, because he knows him or wants to inquire from him about a matter, and often lawyers in most countries have a professional association that determines the conditions for affiliation to them, and in most countries training is also considered The legal profession is a condition for practicing. In Jordan, the lawyer must be Jordanian, hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university, and must complete the requirements for training in the profession, which is easy to find through the lawyers directory that we mentioned above, and through which you can obtain a phone number Jordanian lawyer.

Jordanian lawyer phone

You may be a non-Jordanian citizen and you have a transaction in Jordan to open a company, for example, and you need a lawyer’s phone number for free consultation in Jordan, or you may have a dispute with a Jordanian person about a specific contract, or you have a property in Jordan and you want to remove the tenant from it, or you have a debt owed by a Jordanian person and you want To retrieve it, you may need the phone number of a lawyer for free consultation in Jordan, or you have been defrauded by a Jordanian person, God forbid. Here, you will need the phone number of a Jordanian lawyer to ask him about your case and to hear his opinion on what you will do later. Therefore, it is appropriate to know the phone number of a lawyer for free consultation in Jordan, In fact, there are many famous and well-known Jordanian lawyers, and obtaining the phone number of a Jordanian lawyer is easy, and the easiest way is to visit the website.

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