Consulting Services Contract Daily-Based Payments

Consulting Services Contract

Following is a Consulting Services Contract Daily Based Payments sample

Consulting Services Contract

Daily Based Payments



Your Organization Name



[name of the Consultant]



THIS CONTRACT (“Contract”) is entered into this date  April 2, 2019 , by and between  [Your Organization Name ) hereinafter  referred  to  as the   (“the Client”) duly  organized  and existing  under  and  by  virtue  of  the  laws   of Virginia USA   whose registered office is  at  1990 K ST NW, STE 425, Washington, DC 20006 U.S.A, and [insert Consultant’s name] (“the Consultant”) having his  principal office located at [insert Consultant’s address].

WHEREAS, the Client wishes to have the Consultant performing the services hereinafter referred to, and  WHEREAS,  the Consultant is willing to perform these services, and WHEREAS

the Consultant having full experience of the services within the scope defined in the Annex A ,  NOW THEREFORE THE PARTIES hereby agree as follows:

1.     Relationship between the Parties

Nothing contained herein shall be construed as establishing a relationship of master and servant or of employer and employee as between the Client and the Consultant. The Consultant, subject to this Contract, has complete charge of the Experts and Sub-consultants, if any, performing the Services and shall be fully responsible for the Services performed by him or on his behalf hereunder.


2.     . Services

(I) The Consultant shall perform the services specified in Annex A, “Terms of Reference and Scope of Services,” which is made an integral part of this Contract (“the Services”).

(ii) The Consultant shall provide the reports listed in Annex B, “Consultant’s Reporting Obligations,” within the time periods listed in such Annex, and the personnel listed in Annex C, “Cost Estimate of Services, List of Personnel and Schedule of Rates” to perform the Services.

3.     Term

 The Consultant shall perform the Services during the period commencing [insert start date] and continuing through [insert completion date] or any other period as may be subsequently agreed by the parties in writing.

4.     Payment

  1. Ceiling

 For Services rendered pursuant to Annex A, the Client shall pay the Consultant an amount not to exceed a ceiling of [insert ceiling amount]. This amount has been established based on the understanding that it includes all the Consultant’s costs , expenses  and profits as well as any tax obligation that may be imposed on the Consultant. The payments made under the Contract consist of the Consultant’s remuneration as defined in sub-paragraph B below and of the reimbursable expenditures as defined in subparagraph C below.

1.     Remuneration

 The Client shall pay the Consultant for Services rendered at the rate(s) per day of doing the consultations, subject to a maximum of eight hours per day in accordance with the rates agreed and specified in Annex C, “Cost Estimate of Services, List of Personnel and Schedule of Rates.”

1.     Reimbursable

 The Client shall pay the Consultant for reimbursable expenses, which shall consist of and be limited to:

(I) normal and customary expenditures for official travel, accommodation, printing, and international telephone charges; official travel will be reimbursed at the cost of tourist  travel class  and will need to be authorized by the Client’s coordinator.

(ii) such other expenses as approved in advance by the Client’s coordinator.

1.     Payment Conditions

 Payment shall be made in [Jordan Dinar] not later than 30 days following submission of invoices in duplicate to the coordinator designated in paragraph 4.

5.     Project Administration

  1. Coordinator

 The Client designates Ms. [Wejdan Jarrah ] as Client’s Coordinator; the coordinator shall be responsible for the coordination of activities under the Contract, for receiving and approving invoices for payment, and for acceptance of the deliverables by the Client.

1.     Timesheets

  During the course of their work under this Contract, including field work, the Consultant is  required to complete timesheets, or any other document used to identify time spent, as well as expenses incurred, as instructed by the Project Coordinator.

1.     Records and Accounts

  The Consultant shall keep accurate and systematic records and accounts in respect of the Services, which will clearly identify all charges and expenses. The Client reserves the right to audit, or to nominate a reputable accounting firm to audit, the Consultant’s records relating to amounts claimed under this Contract during its term and any extension, and for a period of three months thereafter.

6.     Performance Standard

The Consultant undertakes to perform the Services with the highest standards of professional and ethical competence and integrity.

7.     Confidentiality

The Consultants shall not, during the term of this Contract and within two years after its expiration, disclose any proprietary or confidential information relating to the Services, this Contract or the Client’s business or operations without the prior written consent of the Client.

8.     Ownership of Material and copyrights

Any studies, reports, or other material, graphic, software or otherwise, prepared by the Consultant for the Client under the Contract shall belong to and remain the property of the Client. The Consultant may retain a copy of such documents and software.

9.     Insurance

The Consultant will be responsible for taking out any appropriate insurance coverage.

10. Assignment

 The Consultant shall not assign this Contract or Subcontract any portion of it without the Client’s prior written consent.

11. Law Governing Contract and Language

The Contract its meaning and interpretation shall be governed by the laws of Jordan specially the Jordan civil law for the year 1976  the provisions of contracting 780 – 804  , and the language of the Contract shall be in English language.

12. Dispute Resolution

Any dispute arising out of this Contract, which cannot be amicably settled between the parties, shall be referred to adjudication procedures in accordance with the laws of Jordan. The court of Amman will be the competent court for any legal dispute arising because of this contract.

13. Miscellaneous

 The Client may terminate the Contract with at least 10 working days written notice to the Consultant after the occurrence of any of the events specified in sub-paragraphs (a) through (d) of this Clause:

(a) if the Consultant does not remedy a failure in the performance of his obligations under the Contract within seven working days from the date of written notification or within any further period as may be further agreed with the Client in writing.

(b) if the Consultant becomes insolvent or bankrupt.

(c) if the Consultant, in the judgment of the Client, has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for or in executing the Contract.

(d) In any time within the term of the contract if the Client, in its sole discretion, decides to terminate the Contract.

 FOR THE CLIENT                                                   FOR THE CONSULTANT

 Signed by ____________________               Signed by ____________________

 Title: ________________________              Title:  ________________________

List of Annexes

Annex A: Scope of Services

Annex B: Consultant’s Reporting Obligations

Annex C: Cost Estimate of Services, List of Personnel and Schedule of Rates

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