I, the client hereto, have authorized advocates hereinabove indicated; Sami Alawad and  Omar Shihadeh   to jointly & severally to represent me, take my place in matters of filing and instituting lawsuit(s), pleading(s), procedures, defenses, argumentations, presentations, litigation and prosecution in the lawsuit(s) or claim(s) that exists or will exist between me and any person(s), entity / entities being normal, juridical, legal, body(s), authority(s), either public, special, private, formal or informal being of whatsoever capacity, legal capacity or legal status, plaintiff(s) or defendant(s), complainant(s), defendant(s) and in any subject(s) or dispute(s) or consideration(s) of whatsoever category(s) and type(s), civilian, commercial, legal trade, or penal before any court of the courts of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan of any type or degree, and function(s), being Magisterial, District, Appellate, First Instance, Supreme Courts. In addition to the matters of filing lawsuit(s), original, reciprocal, complaint, and all kinds of claims, requests, crossbar cases, and in matters of objection(s) refusal(s) being judgment(s) in absentia and in inclusion of others, fees and expenses and legal charges thereof, claiming for legal interest(s) and any related issue hereof, and in matters of claiming provisional and executive seizure(s), confirming and removal of such provisional / attachments and executive seizure(s), referring to Executive Service Directorates, and pleading / defending before such directorates, and in the matters of receiving,  interpolating and cashing checks, also in the matters of giving and receiving valid receipt(s), reconciliation(s) and clearance(s), and in settlement(s) and issues thereof, and rejections of such settlement(s), requisition of imprisonment and release, appealing decisions, proceedings and / or other legal actions in all various degrees and categories, and in submitting summons, making formal requests, briefs, warnings, and any necessary documents and instruments that may deem to be necessary, in matters of notifications, and receiving notifications and notices, and all resultants that may ensued from all foregoing matters and issues either mentioned hereto or not, being a junction or bifurcation thereof until last degree of prosecution and all matters of initiating attorney legitimately being stated herein or not, provided that this Power of Attorney is valid in terms of the client’s opinion subjectively, by word and deed. The attorney(s) hereto shall have the right to appoint, depute or remove, at his /  their own discretion(s), any lawyer(s) that deem to be appropriate  for all matters or some of the matters being included hereto.

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Special Power of Attorney – Jordan lawyer

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