After reviewing the draft contract and the email you have sent recently. I would like to mention my remarks on the contracts

  1. We have reached a totally dead end in negotiation in establishing a common and permanent  business partnership
  2. Although  of the previous verbal agreement on many issues, for example the duration of the contract period of time (10 years), I, unfortunately,  have not seen this mentioned in the contract
  3. Another point has been agreed on,  in advance, which is  the legal settlements  in In case any dispute to be governed by  the Saudi laws and Jurisdiction, unfortunately, I did not find it in the contract.
  4.  Many other verbal agreements with Ms —————-. have never been mentioned where indeed you repeatedly change verbal agreement time after time.
  5. Another major point is your ignorance for any marketing support issue in the contract
  6. In addition to this, not developing a mechanism, that is clear for both parties, so as to know the cost of production  of the product  or a price list

In fact, we together have made large effort  in the form of  joint visits between us specially Ms *———— .  visiting and meeting with Saudi officials where I introduced her to the size of investment opportunities and let her realize the strength of my relationships  in the public and private sectors 

Unfortunately we have not  come to an agreement yet, It might be that you need some extra time to trust and be confident in dealing with the Saudi Arabia market or my company “—————————– “

In the last few weeks, I was very careful in establishing  cooperation and I have made large efforts where I have visited your branch in Dubai more than 12 times so I did not dedicate my self to my company. This all was in order to build a joint work between us, but unfortunately, We have not reached a common agreement. Therefore, I think that the appropriate solution for now  is to continue importing the product  without any contract or agreement. Perhaps it is a after a certain time when your fear from the Saudi market disappear where we can reach a new and  concrete agreement

Finally, I am very pleased to get to know you on the personal level and I would consider your friendship as a real gain. In fact I was always very impressed with your products and I want to assure you that  it will be my first choice in the event of implementation of any future project.

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seeking commercial agency – negotiation stage – by Jordanian lawyer – Saudi client

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