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The Firm manages the arbitration proceedings by specialists in local and international arbitration proceedings. We provide arbitration services, including formulation and review of arbitration agreements, the initiation of their procedures, and the implementation of arbitrators’ judgments. Jordan is a member of 1958 The New York Convention on international arbitration. The Jordanian arbitration law is derived from and is fully compatible with the UNCITRAL Model Law.

We have also represented many private and government authorities, regarding arbitration issues, and matters of appointing technical experts to resolve disputes, as well as in compromise, settlements, and negotiations

What are Negotiations

Negotiation it is evident through the fact of life that there will be some differences and conflicting interests between the parties to trade contracts or other types of interests. Many prefer a peaceful settlement without resorting to arbitration or litigation, and this means resorting to negotiations.

Art of negotiation is the art of influence, and persuasion is one of the communication skills which is ‎valuable wealth in the life of a professional attorney. The negotiating process is where exchanging views, proposals, bargaining, reports, technical studies, and Legal Advisory between parties to the conflict, each of which is aware of the best solutions for compromise.

Negotiation is a science that is not preempted by one scientific discipline without the other but has several scientific disciplines, including psychology, sociology, management science, economics, and law science.

The Homat Alhaq Firm has a selection of experienced attorneys, an exercise in innovation, the intuition, the art of conflict management, and proficiency in negotiating means, strategies, and tactics to settle on mutual rights and obligations between the parties of the negotiation process after reaching a satisfying meeting point for everyone. Our team of attorneys is mindful of this in the customer’s interest.

Also, one of the characteristics of the Homat Alhaq Firm negotiators is the following:

  • Articulate speakers of diplomatic way of expressing.
  • The ability to communicate effectively
  • Master the art of sympathetic listening
  • General intelligence, speed of observation, and rapid response
  • Patient, constant, self-restraint and have impulse control.
  • Analyze and understand situations.
  • Awareness and master the language of negotiation.
  • Playing different personal roles.

This influence and art can make the difference between success and failure.

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