Debt collection attorney

Debt collection attorney

Often the businesspeople who trade are afraid of phone calls. If you are in either case, you need a debt collection attorney.

What is Debt collection attorney?

is Debt collection attorney being the lawyer who is practice collecting debts from creditors and he is the lawyer who can help you navigate debt collection law and debt collection practices to help you collect the debt you are owed.

What does a debt collection attorney do?

Can attorney collect debt. For a lawyer, investing strategies can invest the money you can target. Your lawyer can handle the papers on your behalf or represent you in court.

Why do I know I need a debt collection attorney?

In case Creditors frequently call your home or workplace

Not being able to pay the loans now.

Threatened suit by a creditor, attempts to register against you

If you need to pay off, make repayment, make repayment of a certain debt. You may also want to consider a creditors’ rights attorney, which only works for creditors to help them with their money.

How much does a debt collection attorney cost?

Lawyers use different methods to calculate their fees, there is no one base for the fees. Few attorneys accept contingency fees, which means that you do not have to pay in advance, your attorney will deduct   a percentage from the debts after he recovers it, if he wins the lawsuit. If you do not recover, you will not be entitled to pay.

Debt collection office in Jordan

Our law office is a Jordanian debt collection office, as our office has reached an office specialized in collecting certain debts collection. in Jordan there is twelve provinces. Our main office is in the capital in Amman, and two branches in Irbid, and Ajloun.

Debt collection in Jordan

Realizing your full right in Jordan and realizing your full right.

Contingency fees Debt collection

We accept No win no fee, we believe that the debtor already he paid a lot, and he do not like to pay more so we accept to deduct our fees at the end of the cases in case we win only.

Long experience in debt collection

We deal with issues of collecting cases and issues of religious collection.

Debt obsolescence in Jordan

In Jordan, the statute of limitations is fifteen years if the debt is documented with any document, and there are some cases in which the statute of limitations is shorter than that, but in general if you have a paper, you are protected and you can file a lawsuit within fifteen years, sometimes the statute of limitations extends and is suspended.

Debt collection letters

Refer to some types of fees for directions, and car phone for example, cause the debt to be paid by them, as well, …

How many debt collection personnel we have?

In Uncategorized in Uncategorized in Law, and a lawyer works with a doctoral degree, where the lawyer, Dr. Omar Shehadeh, is responsible for collecting through five lawyers, professors, trainees, and administrators. Speed, integration, and the spirit of one team. To achieve the best results from the deadline.

Since when do we operate a debts refund service in Jordan?

We have been working in a recovery service in the city of Jordan since 2001, and until today, debt collection is still done through friendly and judicial solutions, one of the most prominent allocations in which we work.

Debt collection letters

We do all debt collection letters starting from sending friendly letters and phone calls to urge debtors to pay their debts, and we also make judicial warnings in cases required by law

How many debt collection personnel in our law office?

In our law office  there is an elite group of lawyers with academic degrees not less than a master’s in law, and also each department is managed by a lawyer with a doctorate degree, where lawyer Dr. Omar Shehadeh takes over the debt collection department with  five lawyer, two trainees and one administrative ,  the debt collection department in our office works with dedication Speed, integration and the spirit of one team. Usually, a specific attorney is assigned to deal with a single client to achieve the best response results from the debtors.

Since when do we operate debt recovery service in Jordan?

We have been working in debt recovery service in Amman, Jordan, since 2001, and until today, the specialty of debt collection through friendly and judicial solutions is still one of the most prominent allocations in which we work.

What kind of debt collection services do we provide?

Do you undertake business debt recovery (B2B) and consumer debt recovery (B2C)?

We deal with cases of collecting debts from company to company, as well as dealing with cases of collecting clients’ debts for the benefit of companies, and during our work and our long experience we created a complete data base on how to collect commercial and individual debts, which made the achievement of results for us faster and better.

We have participated in collecting bank debts, insurance debts, corporate debts, even rental allowances, credit card debts, as well as collecting and refunding bounced checks, moreover, telecommunications company bills, as well as collecting hospital bills, IT company bills and Software companies of all kinds, and assuming the collection of debts of all kinds and forms.

Restrictions on debts refunding in Jordan

There are no restrictions on the debt collection process in Jordan, except for certain conditions that are prohibited by law if the debts violate public order or morals or violate the law in general.

What is the debt collection law in Jordan?

There is no specific law for debt collection in Jordan, as each case has its own ruling law, so if the debt is between two private persons, it is in accordance with the provisions of the civil law, but if it is between two merchants  , it is governed by the Trade Law, and in case it is  banks debts , it is governed by the Banking Law.

legal advice by Jordan Lawyer about debt case

Dear Mr. ————-,

We have read your message. Which consists of the following facts:

  • You have a customer in Jordan who always paid you with cheques.
  • The owner of the company died.
  • Now you are facing some problems to collect the cheques.
  • You send the cheques to the bank and get them back with no result.

The reasons why the cheques where rejected is:

–   Not enough money on the account

–    Account was closed

  • The cheques are signed by his sons. So not by the man who died.
  • you have tried to solve this problem with them, but without any result.
  • The total amount you still must collect is about € 500.000.

 The legal solutions according to Jordan law

, you must know that we have different ways to solve such a case:

The first way, Making a criminal case against the sons. we call it in Jordan law cheque crime, the punishment of that crime is the imprisonment for one year and a fine of 5% from the value of the cheque for everyone has a sign on the cheque, indeed this case demands your presence in Jordan to make a testimony at the court. however, you may need to stay a period but not more than three days and that is to complete all the procedures of registering the case and hearing your testimony.

The second way; Making a civil case against them. This will not need your presence in Jordan because we can make all the procedures on your behalf.

If you ask me which way I would prefer, I will say: the criminal way is better because, in Jordan, if the court find enough evidence, it will issue an imprisonment sentence against them, which will strengthen our position in court. This is because this may force them to solve the problem quickly.

Here is the answer to your questions as follows:

  • Can you help us? Yes, we will do the best to collect your money back.
  • When do we bring this to court how much chance we’ve to win this case? I prefer to send a copy from the chique to be sure from all things on it, while if it is a real chique contains all cheque details it surely wining case.
  • We want to visit Amman within a few weeks. Can we’ve a meeting?

You are welcome in any time, its better if you tell me the arrival date to Amman to arrange the meeting.

·        What are the fees of debt cases in Jordan?

Regarding to the facts above and regarding to  our law firm  fees: It is  —- % from the amount  of the case and this shall be paid as the following:  —– % in advance at the time we start with any paper work for the case and  —– % at the end of the case;  after  we succeed  in  collecting all your money back.

Finally, if you decide to come to Jordan, I prefer to send for me a copy from all your case documents to make a legal translation for it from a certified translator to be acceptable to the courts.

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